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Jim has been an incredible asset to me. Together we have identified talents and skills I had not recognized, effectively addressed long standing challenges, and developed tools to help me become a better leader, physician and husband. I said “together “, because he does not simply hand you the answers, but skillfully and stealthily guides you there. I truly look forward to our meetings. Whether you are struggling with ADHD, or a leader looking to further develop your talent, I can recommend Jim wholeheartedly!

Randall Fenton, MD
Regional Medical Director, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

I have a demanding job, an active home life with young children and I feel like life is coming at me from every direction every day. I was overwhelmed with all of the do’s to the point where I felt like I was losing control of my life. I felt suffocated by the never-ending trickle of what others were asking me to do. I contacted Jim because I wanted to take back control of my life. Everything changed with Jim. He got to business right away, helping me identify the target areas for improvement and developing practical ways to change my behaviors in a positive and productive way. I noticed a difference immediately and after 2.5 months, I’m operating in a totally different and better way. I’m far more organized. I’m getting stuff done and most importantly, I feel like I’m in control of my life again. I feel like a new person and I owe so much of this to Jim. He’s uses a proven approach, he’s experienced and he’s been a great team player throughout the process.  

T.D., Managing Partner
$60B Cunsulting & Financial Services Comapny


I was diagnosed with adhd at age 35, and I opted to get “talk therapy” for 10+ years with a PhD, for therapy…. That therapy certainly helped me, but in a very different way than I get help from coaching with Jim.  Jim “gets” me in a way that no other person has….he speaks ADHD - he will interpret what I’m experiencing, feeling or thinking, for me , then he will  name it  for me and have some statistic around it, and help me work through it.   (The way he does it makes me feel like it’s totally normal- and he is NOT judgmental - he’s factual and knowledgeable). Also, since I live my life in “trial and error” mode- our follow up conversations help me unlock parts of my brain that I never realized I still had access to!  The way he explains things and asks questions, without judgement, allows me to flourish, come up w ideas to try and learn how to use this superpower, ADHD, to my advantage!  Thanks, Jim! You are truly unique; there is an aspect  of you that you didn’t “learn” in a course- it’s who you are - and your passion to help others, like me, with ANY problem, makes you so successful with coaching and is why I will forever be grateful for your time and help. 

Megan Yuknis
Senior Sales Professional

I was diagnosed with ADHD about ten years ago as an adult, but only recently started to realize how much it’s been impacting my daily life and overall happiness. Jim came as a recommendation from a therapist leading a group therapy session – connecting with him was the best decision I’ve ever made for my overall health!  Working with Jim is such a pleasure – he uses reflective questioning, making me feel very empowered in the coaching and learning process. He’s armed me with new tools in my toolbox and is always great about reminding me of the tools I already have at my disposal and how I can leverage them effectively. In addition, Jim truly cares about his clients; he’s willing to receive updates between our sessions which helps me feel like I have a true partner in our work together.  Finally, as an ADHD coach and career coach, Jim’s background has proven to be extremely useful for my situation where I often seek help with my ADHD and career advice. 

Lindsay Binette
Senior Marketing Director

Your guidance has been invaluable. You’ve helped me understand myself better, suggested great ideas, clarify my interests/passions, and built up my confidence to make a plan that aligns with them (and to actually go through with it!). I now feel equipped to approach ideas and obstacles on my own because I have the right tools and strategies to get through them. Thanks 100Xs, Jim!!!

Nancy Zhou
Business Consultant

Jim brings a deep understanding of human behavior, years of experience in business, a keen curiosity, integrity, and a collaborative approach to the table when coaching. He has a remarkable ability to get right to the heart of the matter that’s important to me—not only what’s significant in the moment but in my life context. His powerful listening skills and reflective questioning help me process in a way that offers clarity and effortlessly promotes my development of new insights, awareness, and learning. When I’m feeling stuck with my thoughts, Jim partners with me to discover a door through which I can see and explore new possibilities and commit to taking the steps that guide me in the direction I want to go. He has an extraordinary way of engaging my mind, energizing me to make adaptive and positive change, and helping me identify and savor positive emotions and anchor accomplishments. Whether you’re an individual with ADHD, an entrepreneur, a C-suite executive, a graduate student, someone struggling with a problem, or someone seeking greater abundance in moving towards a desired future, I highly recommend partnering with Jim as your coach.

Mira Weinfeld, MBA, CCC-SLP, PCC, PCAC
ADHD and Positive Psychology Coach

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and after doing more and more research, I found that others had a lot of success with an ADHD coach. I decided to reach out to Jim Dunn, who was quick to respond and a pleasure to talk to. It is one of the best investments I have ever made. I enjoy every session, and he has an excellent system to start integrating new techniques and strategies into my life from day one that I have been doing ever since. I have noticed a positive difference in the many different aspects of my life that I wanted to focus on through coaching. He works with me to come up with solutions that work well for me, and he has plenty of different avenues to explore if a particular method isn’t working well for me as an individual. He has plenty of scientific knowledge and experience to reinforce his advice or research. He is able to recommend other resources that are helpful aids in our unique journey. I plan to recommend Jim to anyone with ADHD, especially those that may not realize the many different ways it can affect us. Medication is usually all that is talked about in my experience with ADHD, so it was wonderful to learn more and more about different solutions to any problems I was personally facing. Thank you, Jim!

Andrew Griffin

Jim is highly knowledgeable about ADHD and its effects . As someone making a career change, it can be daunting but Jim helped me navigate the process using my strengths. Our coaching conversations helped me find my confidence and inner fierceness to be successful! He is kind, compassionate and intuitive in his practice. I couldn’t of made this career move without his positive, creative toolbox for the ADHD brain. Thank you Jim for being such a wonderful human and coach!

Jen Hanson, BSN, RN, CCRN

Not many people have someone in their life who is not only a peer, but also a coach and mentor—but that is exactly what I have experienced in working with Jim Dunn. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jim since February of 2020, when we enrolled in the same coaching program. His exceptional coaching skills were so apparent during the first few sessions of our advanced certification program, that I hired him as my own personal coach! Jim is the embodiment of servant leadership, always putting the needs of his clients first. Anyone who works with Jim Dunn is going to achieve more than he or she ever thought possible. Or as I like to say: “Go with Dunn..and get it done!

Ryan Mayer
ADHD Coach

I can’t say enough good things about Jim! I have been working with him for a few months now and I have seen amazing results! My communication, time-management, and organizational skills have substantially improved. In just a short period of time, I went from not being able to communicate, showing up late to appointments, and constantly forgetting things to maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends, being on time, and using various resources to remember daily tasks. My life has improved so much since I started working with Jim. Not only has he given me multiple tools that I use in my daily life, but he also goes out of his way to send me helpful articles and assessments to complete! Jim always goes above and beyond. I 100% recommend him!

Leigh Marr
Nursing Student

Jim has a unique blend of experience in business coaching and ADHD coaching which has been perfect for me. I always come to him with a list of questions and work situations and he helps me work through them and figure out what to focus on. I've benefited tremendously from his expertise and appreciate his understanding of human behavior and how to approach each person based on their personality type to get the best interaction and resolution.



MLB Team Executive


What a difference Jim Dunn has made in my journey to improve my performance despite my ADHD. Jim’s has the knowledge and education to quote the experts but at the same time he does not come off as a ‘stuffy professor’ who feels the need to bestow his vast knowledge. He has a “regular guy”, common sense approach. He is also very flexible

in his scheduling, and I look forward to our meetings. I come out of the sessions full of energy and focus. If there was something that I did not complete since our last visit, he is very supportive, and we discuss why and how it will get

done going forward. Thank you Jim!


Vice President Multi Billion Dollar Company

I met Jim at pivotal moment in my life when I was desperately trying to navigate my career. A career that had historically caused me torment, agony and misery because I didn’t know how to find a job that highlighted my strengths. I also didn’t know what those jobs were. My ADHD had been a contributing factor of feeling stuck because we tend to lack the executive function needed to dig ourselves out of certain insurmountable holes. The misaligned workplaces I’ve subjected myself to only lowered my confidence because my neurodiverse brain was seen as a weakness. Jim gave me the tools needed to answer the “What” and the “How”. For instance, what are the jobs that tap into my strengths and how to find them. Through career and personality assessments, and conversing with him about my passions and what I naturally excel at, we came up with a game plan. Ultimately, I decided to go back to school to be a clinical psychologist, but this wasn’t a decision I would have made if it weren’t for Jims expertise and superb coaching. I’ll forever be grateful to him for getting me unstuck and giving me a renewed sense of purpose.

Executive Assistant, Motion Picture Industry

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"Whether you are struggling with ADHD, or a leader looking to further develop your talent, I can recommend Jim wholeheartedly."

Randall Fenton, MD

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