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As a seasoned executive coach with over thirty years of experience in coaching, consulting, and training, I am dedicated to helping executives achieve their full potential. I specialize in solution-focused coaching, which is a collaborative approach that helps my clients identify their goals, develop strategies to overcome obstacles, and achieve success.


6 Benefits of Investing
in Executive Coaching

Increased productivity

Executive Coaching can assist you in identifying and eliminating productivity bottlenecks, optimizing workflows, and work with you to prioritize your time and resources. This increased productivity can lead you to higher profits and better bottom-line results.

Improved leadership skills

You can develop and enhance the skills necessary to lead your teams effectively. This can lead to increased employee engagement and morale, improved collaboration and communication, and a more positive work environment overall.

Enhanced decision-making

It is always helpful to work with an objective collaborator to develop better decision-making skills by providing objective feedback, challenging assumptions, and helping you see situations from different perspectives. This can lead to better strategic decisions and more successful outcomes.

Increased self-awareness

Unfortunately, we can have a blind spot when it comes to our own behavior. Executive coaching can help executives develop a deeper understanding of their own strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. This self-awareness can help them become more effective leaders and make better decisions.

Improved retention

If you have staff reporting to you, investing in executive coaching demonstrates a commitment to the development and growth of employees, which can improve retention rates and reduce turnover costs.

Higher morale

Executive coaching can help create a culture of learning and development, which can boost employee morale and lead to a more engaged and motivated workforce.


What to Expect from the Coaching Process

You will have an opportunity to verbally process your wins and challenges in a safe and confidential space. There will be times when I ask you questions to stimulate your problem-solving skills. We will discover your strengths and the specific areas you would like to develop. I will not give you the answers because I believe the answers reside within you. However, I can offer you options to choose from, if needed, so that you can practice and put your changes into effect. We meet three times per month, for sixty minutes, via video conferencing or by phone. I'm also available for brief check-ins via phone, text, or email.  

Practical Experience

I have successfully coached executives in a myriad of industries, including professional sports (MLB/NFL), the motion picture industry (Lucas Arts), healthcare, advertising, legal, and biotechnology (just to name a few). 

Image by Yibei Geng


  • Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation

  • Master's in Organizational Psychology (University of Hartford)

  • ​30 years of corporate experience in roles that included significant consulting to c-suite executives

  • Certified Behavioral Coach through the Behavioral Coaching Institute

  • Certified trainer for social styles training (Platinum Rule)

  • Instructor for Organizational Behavior (Bay State College)

  • Contracted consultant and coach for Abby Kelly Charter Foster School 

  • Contracted speaker for Supernus Pharmaceuticals

  • Contracted coach for Cerulli and Associates

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