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Everyone has challenges! Money, big homes, job titles, a new car, that next big promotion and celebrity status does not shield us from the everyday ups and downs that we call life.  No one is immune to life's challenges even though we might be lead to believe that status, and material possessions will finally mean we have found the perfect life without any problems.


Everyone can benefit from having someone to talk to about our concerns and challenges. Speaking with a coach can make the difference between making a personal or career limiting mistake and taking a course of action that serves your interests, values, beliefs, etc. When we are facing challenges in our life it can feel like there are no options or answers. I believe there are always options and answers available to you. 


The Addchieve Hotline empowers you to speak to a trusted, non-biased, confidential coach who can take the time to listen to your concerns so that you can problem solve for the solution that is right for you. 

This service is for you if you are:

  • Feeling stuck with personal or work challenges and you do not feel comfortable talking it over with family or friends. 

  • Concerned that you might self-sabotage and say or do something that will jeopardize your career or family.   

  • Pressed to make a decision and need to talk it over with a coach to better understand the pros and cons and the best course of action.

  • Overwhelmed and not sure where to start with an immediate concern or challenge.

  • In need of a trusted, confidential, objective coach who is invested in the outcome that best serves you.


What are some examples where you would use the Hotline?

  • You just received your performance review and it is has negative comments. You can feel your blood boiling and your first impulse is to call your boss to tell her/him what they can do with their performance review.

  • You are very upset because you were passed over for a promotion and you are thinking that maybe you should quit your job.

  • Your co-worker isn't fulfilling on a team project and you feel that you are doing all the work. You are not sure how to approach the individual without alienating him/her.

  • You are going on a work trip with your team and you are concerned that you might impulsively tell management that they do not know what they are doing with the department.

The above are all real examples where I was able to assist my clients so that they did not make a career limiting move that might have cost them their job.

How does the Addchieve Hotline service work?

  • You have up to one hour of time to spend via phone or video call to obtain assistance with your pressing concern or challenge.

  • Twenty-four hour notice is required for us to chat. If possible, I will try to reach you on the same day that I receive your request so we can chat about your concern. 

  • The service is for non coaching clients because I offer check-ins for existing monthly clients. If you are a former client, you are welcome to opt for the service. 

Is the Hotline service the same as ongoing coaching or a substitute for coaching?

No, the hotline service is specifically meant for a challenge or an immediate concern that can be resolved within one hour. Ongoing coaching is meant for challenges that have existed for a substantial period of time and require more than one hour to resolve. 

How much is the hotline service?

The service is $199 for a total of sixty minutes of time. 

How is the hotline service paid?

The service is always paid in advance of our meeting.

What if I do not use the service? 

The service would need to be used within thirty days of payment.

How do I setup a meeting?

Please feel free to fill out the "Let's connect" below. If calling is easier, I am at 774-289-2977.


Important Disclaimer:

The Addchieve Hotline service is not a substitute for medical assistance or mental health counseling. If you have an ongoing challenge that effects your daily functioning, please call your primary care physician for the appropriate referral. 

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