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ADHD Coaching


ADHD Coaching is a specialized form of coaching tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This type of coaching helps individuals develop strategies to manage the challenges associated with ADHD, enhance their strengths, and achieve personal and professional goals. ADHD Coaching is a collaborative, confidential, safe, goal-oriented process where a coach works with individuals to address challenges associated with ADHD. These challenges might include time management issues, organization, task completion, and maintaining focus. An ADHD coach understands the complexities of ADHD and provides support and strategies to help clients navigate their daily work and personal lives more effectively.


How does ADHD coaching work?

  • You will set the agenda/topic/challenge that you would like to work on for each session.

  • We will meet three times per month, virtually, for 60 minutes.

  • We will celebrate your wins and identify what your goal is for each session.

  • We will talk about your "experiments" in between sessions (I will explain when we meet).

  • I will provide education around ADHD and if you get stuck, I will share options for you to choose from in order to manage your challenges.​

  • Change takes time so it is important that you are patient with yourself. You are making an investment in yourself. Many of my clients are with me for six months or longer, depending upon their needs.


Benefits of ADHD coaching:


  • Improved Organization: Clients learn how to organize their tasks and environments more effectively, reducing clutter and increasing productivity.


  • Enhanced Time Management: Through practical strategies and tools, clients can better manage their time and meet deadlines.


  • Increased Focus: ADHD coaching helps individuals develop techniques to maintain focus and reduce distractions.


  • Greater Accountability: Regular sessions with a coach provide accountability, helping clients stay committed to their goals.


  • Emotional Support: Coaches offer a supportive space where clients can discuss their challenges and receive encouragement.


  • Personal Growth: Clients often experience personal growth and increased self-awareness, gaining a better understanding of their ADHD and how to manage it​

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