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Coach Mentoring

I know what it is like to start a new coaching practice. There are so many unknowns such as how to start, get leads, manage finances, adopt your own coaching style, etc. I came from the corporate world, in an established career, with a comfortable income. However, I had a deeper calling to assist others through coaching, consulting, training and speaking. I have built a successful ADHD coaching practice and I have also helped other coaches start and run their practices. If you are on track for a professional coaching certification, through the International Coach Federation (ICF), I am able to assist you with your mentor certification requirements, recordings, etc. If you are interested in gaining more autonomy and need the assistance of a coach who has been where you are, call or email me. I would be pleased to assist you!

What Can You Expect from the Training?


ICF Certification Coaching

Practice what you have learned in your ICF approved coach training program by working with an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

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Coaching Role Play

 Practice what you learn in your coaching program, through active role play, so that you can apply and refine your coaching.


Coaching Methodologies

Understand ADHD coaching methodologies such as Solutions-Focused Coaching. and CBT Coaching.


Running a Business

Understand the nuts and bolts of billing, fees. scheduling, weekly Zoom appointments, etc.

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Best Practices

Discover your best practices and document them in your practice operations manual.

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Get guidance for any of the challenges that you run across in your practice by a seasoned coach.

Basically, anything that comes up in your practice is on the table for us to work through!


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